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    Flat Face Hydraulic Quick Coupling features

    2017-05-17 09:00 Aike Industrial Co., Ltd.

    Flat Face Hydraulic Quick Coupling features: 
    1. New valve design with higher performance to bare the damage from high velocity flow and pulse pressure. 
    2. Sleeve locking mechanism which is coupled by rotating sleeve after connection. It prevents accidental disconnection when the coupler dragged along the ground. 
    3. Sleeve mechanism is designed to prevent dirt from entering the internal mechanism as which would cause faulty operation when connecting or disconnecting. The sleeve covers the retaining ring and contain a dust seal in the spring area. 
    4. Hardened nipples and sleeves as well as solid barstock structure, which guarantee the coupling high quality to maximise its resistance of damage caused by hydraulic and mechanical shock. 
    5. This Anti-Blowout Nitrile/PTFE bonded seal is designed to prevent blow-out or damage during severe work conditions. 
    6. Durable ball-locking mechanism assures each connection securely. A large number of locking balls distribute evenly to average the work load. By the meanwhile, to provide alignment and swiveling action to reduce hose's torque and prolong the hose's life. CAUTION: These products are not used as swivels; Rotation under pressure will result in excessive and premature wear. 
    7. Flat Face Hydraulic Quick Coupling adopt flush valving when connecting or disconnecting. It means that only a little of fluid will be lost when disconnecting and just a bit air will mix in when reconnecting. 
     8. New zinc plating treatment makes the anti-rust performance better. 
    9. Flat Face Hydraulic Quick Coupling conforms to the standard of ISO16028. Compatible with PARKER FE, FF Series, STUCCHI A8008 Series, AEROQUIP FD89 Series and HANSEN QA2900 Series. 
    Flat Face Hydraulic Quick Coupling is widely applied for the public utility to avoid the leakage. Hydraulic oil leakage would cause a serious hazard, especially for the overhead bucket hoists when maintaining the high-voltage power lines. These couplings are also used for the hydraulic Tools's fast switchover in construction, railway maintenance and mining industries. Its easy cleaning function make it fit for the there special circumstances very well.


    flat face hydraulic quick coupling        Dimension Diagram

     Flat Face Hydraulic Quick Coupling picture


    flat face hydraulic quick coupling