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    6 methods to choose High Pressure Quick Coupling

    2017-06-09 14:45 Aike Industrial Co., Ltd.
    6 methods to choose High Pressure Quick Coupling

    High Pressure Quick Coupling
    Ⅰ.  The type of fluid, the temperature (please select the coupling that with appropriate fluid type, temperature of the
    data and sealing materials) 
    According to fluid, suitable ontology data and sealing material is not
     the same. For example,
    the quick connector is air. Recommend steel,  while water choose brass or 
    stainless steel.

    Ⅱ. Liquid pressure (please select the quick coupling with the pressurization function of the suitable fluid pressure)
    The pressure of the fluid is also the key to the selection of the quick couplings.
    Quick couplinfs for oil pressure used between 
    5.0Mpa (51kgf/cm -) -68.6Mpa (- 700kgf/cm) and
    formed the series, corresponding to the pressure characteristics,

    structure of couplings are not the same.

    Ⅲ.  Automatic switch valve structure (Please select the quick joint for the valve construction of the suitable
    Because in departure, in addition to two-way switch type, there is fluid flowing out from the pipe.
    So please be careful.

    Ⅳ. Application environment of quick coupling (please choose the couplings that suitale for the using
    environment structure and data)
    Connnect with the environmental conditions, such as humidity, dust,
    and simple corrosion ect. to select the type, noumenon data and 
    seal data of the quick couplings. 

    Ⅴ. The optional quick couplings shall be joined together with threads
    In the process of using, if there're different brand products, it's better that using the male head and
    female head in the same brand.
    If impossible, before using, it's better to  confirm with the technicist of the

    Ⅵ. The shape and standard of the equipment (please order the product after determining the shape or

    Please determine the type and data of the quick couplings and specify the equipment shapes and standards
    corresponding to

    the piping characteristics. Please note that the standard is related to the flow of fluid.

    In conclusion, high pressure quick coupling is a coupling that can connect or disconnect the pipe without
    any tools.

    There're many kinds of couplings, and this made how to select become a difficult problem, hope the
     above tips can help you.