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    How fast is the quick connector for digging the machine?

    2017-06-20 19:56 Aike Industrial Co., Ltd.
    How fast is the quick connector for digging the machine?

    How much does the quick couplers for the excavator? Maybe most of  people engaged in mining equipment
    are very concerned 
    about their prices. Now, let's talk about it with Aike, the quick coupling factory.

    First of all we know that the excavator is mechanical equipment of our modern life that cannot do without,
    it is because of the

    high work efficiency of excavator has also led to that it cannot work normally in  the past because there is
    no master for
    excavator grasped any knowledge of how to replac the excavator device in resonable way. However,
    with the rapid optimization of quick connector devices, more and more new types of quick couplings
    have been applied
     to excavator equipment. This led to  the market competition more intensified, and numerous
    connector manufacturers
    have opened a new round of price war. Therefore, how to choose a quality excavator
    connector becomes very important.

    Secondly, we know that the price of excavator quick connector is mainly affected by the size, thickness, diameter,
    impact position and
    other common factors. Usually the larger diameter of the connector prices are generally more
    expensive than the small one, of course,
    there is another situation is that some excavator equipment manufacturers in
    order to match their own excavator
    equipment better usually choose the customized device , So the price of this
    customized quick connector is usually higher.

    Finally, AIKE quick connect manufacturer have made a market research on the current price of the quick coupling
    for excavators,
    and come to a price range, the current 

    mature and stable excavator quick connector, the price is between 40RMB and 120RMB per piece.

    Above is the excavator quick connector manufacturer, AIKE industrial reorganized the  for quick connector price
    information for your reference.