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    Cautions in using of hydraulic quick coupling

    2019-01-04 16:27:10 Aike Hydraulic Quick Coupling Read

    Cautions for using hydraulic quick coupling:

    a. Please use sealing material for external threads of tube threads;

    b. Do not hit, bend, stretch or damage artificially;


    c. Do not use for fluids except the special hydraulic quick coupling that used for fluids;

    d. Only ued for the quick coupling;

    e. Do not connect with other fast fluid connections that made by other factories;

    f. In order to prevent bad work or leakage, do not mix in metal powder or sand and other places when using;

    g. When connecting the hydraulic quick coupler: When the progeny inserts into the parent, the ring is returned to its original position under the action of the spring, and the ball rolling locking body is tightly connected. At the same time, the valve of parent body and daughter body push each other to open, fluid flow, O-ring can completely block the leakage of fluid;

    h. The open type with two ends: Un-connected: When the ring of the parent body is pushed to the other end, the steel ball automatically rolls outward, so the child body is removed; because there is no valve between the child body and the parent body, the fluid flows outward; When the hydraulic quick coupling connected: When the child body is inserted into the parent body, the ring is pushed to the previous position by the force of its spring, causing the steel ball to lock, fluid flow, in which the O-ring to prevent leakage.

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