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    Attentions for hydraulic quick couplings installation

    2019-01-04 16:29:02 Aike Hydraulic Quick Coupling Read

    Attentions for hydraulic quick couplings installation


    In recent years, the valve industry market is very prosperous, especially the low-end general valve products with relatively low technical threshold. There are many enterprises in these areas, and the product homogeneity is a little more. The competition in this area is also serious. In order to improve work efficiency, after a lot of experiments, developed a more perfect formula, and determined a reasonable process. The application in practice shows that the effect of hydraulic quick coupling is better and meets the high technical requirements.

    The coupling that can be connected or disconnected with pipes without tools. There are many kinds of quick coupling, such as air and oil pressure connector. When installation, pls note that it must not exceed its moment limit and do not connect with the couplings that made from different manufacturers. This requires customers to choose the right quick connector. The joint should not be destroyed artificially.

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