IS0 5675 Hydraulic Quick Couplings China Manufacturer & Supplier

IKER offers superior ISO 5675 hydraulic quick couplings known for their quality and reliability. These couplers, designed for agricultural machinery, provide a secure, leak-free connection and facilitate easy, fast operation. IKER ensures enhanced durability and exceptional performance for all your hydraulic applications.

Features Of ISO 5675 Series

  • Ensures compatibility with a wide range of agricultural and hydraulic equipment.
  • Provides a secure and reliable seal to prevent fluid leakage.
  • Allows for fast and easy attachment and detachment, saving time and effort.
  • Built with high-quality materials to withstand harsh environments and heavy use.
  • Includes mechanisms to prevent accidental disconnection and ensure operator safety.
ZJ-YCT-ISO 5675 Series - Agriculture

ISO 5675 Hydraulic Quick Couplings Series