Project Description

Hydraulic Quick Release Coupling


ZJ-YAA are used in a wide range of hydraulic applications including construction equipment, manufacturing machinery, forestry equipment, agricultural machinery, oil tools, oil equipment steel mill machinery,and other demanding hydraulic applications.
They can be found anyplace where the fluid transfer lines need to be connected and disconnected for operation or maintenance of equipment.

ZJ-YAA-ISO 7241-A Series
  • Poppet valves available to prevent uncoupled leakage.
  • Poppet valves open automatically when coupled, within rated working pressure, to keep the flow expeditely.
  • Critical parts are hardened for durability.· Durable ball-locking mechanism holds the mating halves together.
  • Socket and plug are precision machined from solid bar stock.
  • Dependable ball-locking mechanism holds the mating halves together.
  • ZJ-YAA conforms to the standard of ISO7241-1A.
  • Model No: ZJ-YAA
  • Material: carbon steel body
  • Surface treatment: zinc-plated or zinc-nickel plated
  • Valve: Poppet Type
  • Parker 6600
  • Perfecting K
  • Faster ANV
  • Safeway S56
  • Snap-tite’s 61 Series
  • Tomco A5600
  • Aeroquip FD56
  • Stucchi BIR