Project Description

Screw Flat Face Coupling


ZJ-LG Series connection is suitable for the bad working condition and high voltage vibration in high frenquency. Widely used in pile driving machinery, special vehicles and drilling equipment.

ZJ-LG-Flat face
  • It is perfect for hydraulic line connection, which can prevent air entering when connect, and prevent leakage when disconnected.
  • The plug and sleeve are quenched to withstand damage due to hydraulic and mechanical shocks
  • The valve type is flat type, which means only a small amount of fluid is lost when disconnected.
  • Model No: ZJ-LG
  • Material: carbon steel body
  • Surface treatment: zinc-nickel plated
  • Valve Type: Flat
  • Working Pressure: 420 bar / 42 MPa / 6090 PSI
  • Connection under pressure Possible (under low residual pressure)
  • STUCCHI/Voswinkel RK Series