Hydraulic flat face quick couplers make it possible to quickly disconnect or connect pumps, valves, cylinders and other components.

This product allows a high flow of fluids when the male and female sides are locked together. Conversely, quick-connects use a check valve to block outgoing fluid to prevent fluid leakage and maintain safe pressure when disconnected.

This article will tell you how to choose a reliable quick flat connector.

Advantages of Quick Flat Connectors

1. Zero leakage and high flow

If your hose fittings frequently need to be connected and disconnected, then the quick flat connector will increase your productivity to a certain extent.Reliable Hydraulic Flat Face Quick Couplers IKER

Planar couplers employ a more complex interface that, when connected, push the planar sections into each other, opening a large flow path through them.

Furthermore, threaded flat face couplers are ideal for hydraulic circuit applications subject to high pressure pulses.

Flat couplings offer very high pressure ratings, which is an advantage of flat couplings as they are designed for applications requiring 400 bar pressure.

This type of coupler has a much lower chance of leakage than conventional couplers and is an option to ensure safety.

2. Very easy to clean

Flat faced coupler works for limiting leakage to a drop or less of liquid when disconnected. The flat mating surfaces are also easy to keep clean, preventing contamination of the hydraulic fluid when reconnecting.

Each mating half has a poppet shut-off valve. In most cases, leakage during disengagement is limited to a film of oil on the coupling mating surfaces and prevents air from entering during coupling.

They are also designed for minimal flow restriction, thereby minimizing pressure drop during equipment operation.

The operating environment can cause many hazards to equipment, especially hydraulic lines. When disconnected, conventional hydraulic fittings are not sealed from the outside world, and dust, sand, dirt, etc. are often present, which may enter the hydraulic lines if not mitigated. Contaminants in hydraulic lines can transfer to system components, causing them to fail over time. This is also the advantage of the dry-break function of the flatface coupling.

3. Lower maintenance cost

When a traditional coupling leaks, it needs to be changed. The sooner the machine is back up and running, the better.

However, with conventional couplings, the entire hydraulic system must be drained, just like a home heating system. In hydraulic applications, both coupling halves are usually valved. When the connection is broken, air can get trapped between the valves and enter the system when the connection is reconnected.

Therefore, if the hydraulic system cannot tolerate air inclusions, special measures may be required to remove the air.

ZJ-PD-Flat face ZJ-LG-Flat face

Flat fittings do not have this problem, reducing fluid spillage to a drop or less each time the fitting is disconnected. Additionally, the mating surfaces of each coupling half are flush when the coupling is disconnected.

This minimizes air ingress and wipes the mating surfaces clean before reconnecting. In my opinion, this is where the flat quick disconnects have real strength. Due to their dry break characteristics can be connected at residual pressure containing no air, so there is no need to depressurize the entire system.

4. With cuff locks

Some flat faced couplers are equipped with cuff locks, which avoids accidents caused by human error to a greater extent and prevents production accidents. Other types of hydraulic quick couplers do not have this type of device.

Choosing a reliable hydraulic quick coupler

Flat face couplers from IKER are fully ISO 16028 compliant. Depending on your needs, a version with a cuff lock is available.

The product indicated covered with protective galvanizing and made of carbon steel. The valve form is a flush valve, and the seal adopts a high-end flush valve to ensure that it can be used in an environment with long-term high flow pressure.

Moreover, the coupler size is optional. Please check the table below.

Body Size (in) 1/4 3/8 1/2 3/4 1 1 1/4 1 1/2 2
Rated Pressure(PSI) 5000 3000 3000 3000 3000 3000 3000 3000
Rated Flow (GPM) 3 6 12 20 28 50 80 100
Spillage(ML) 0.01 0.012 0.02 0.026 0.032 0.032 0.05 0.1
Temperature Rage -20℃ to +120 ℃
Standard Seal Material Polyurethane


IKER is recognized as a leading manufacturer of planar couplers, providing high quality, durable quick release couplings solutions for various industries.​​​ We employ forward-looking problem solving and have extensive experience in high-quality rapid production and manufacturing.

We have more than 20 years of experience in providing connectivity and fluid control products that meet and exceed customer expectations. IKER is known nationally and internationally for its exceptional problem solving analysis, engineering expertise and manufacturing reliable quick connected products to your specifications.

With our vast global shipping and storage network, we offer you on-time delivery at the lowest available cost.

In addition, IKER offers a wide selection of standard items and custom-designed solutions when you are faced with challenging configurations.


There are many advantages of the planar coupler, the most important is that it can make the site safer and prevent workers from contacting potentially dangerous substances.

For agriculture, the planar coupler is more suitable choice.

The operation is performed quickly, no specific tools or special procedures are required, there is no loss of fluids from contaminated soil, not only for environmental reasons, but also from a sound business point of view, because land is a major agricultural resource. If land is contaminated, may cause serious business impact.

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